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History tattoos

tattoo appeared in the Jomon period (10 thousand years BC - 300 BC). As I said the word Jomon means "pattern of rope. This is connected with the discovery by archaeologists of a large number of different ceramic pieces with a rope pattern. By the way clay figurines, which were made in the period called the Jomon Dogu, there is speculation that the drawings were tattooed on the mastiff, or more precisely their images. The most ancient mastiff with the drawings have been found near the city of Osaka in 1977. They are dated to the fifth century BC. Incidentally the first mention of the Japanese tattooing was found in a Chinese manuscript of the third century Gisivadzhinden. Incidentally, Gisivadzhindene is the oldest mention of Japan. The manuscript Japan called Ba, but the tattoo is written this way: "Men Wa tattooed their faces and draw the patterns on its body. They like to fish and shellfish. In ancient times, they painted their bodies to protect themselves and scare the big fish. Later, these patterns become ornaments, and they vary from clan to clan, location and size of patterns depend on the status of the person .... They smear their bodies with pink and crimson, for the same purpose for which we Chinese use powder.